Monkeys redefine “human” technology

What makes humans unique? Recent findings from a population of wild bearded capuchin monkeys in Brazil tell us that it certainly isn’t tool use. At Serra da Capivara National Park, capuchins regularly select quartzite cobbles to deliberately break against firmly … Continue reading Monkeys redefine “human” technology

Long Live the Queen

Merriam-Webster’s definitions for the word family (\ˈfam-lē) hardly suffice as accurate descriptors for the G’s, Kakombe Valley’s chimpanzees-in-residence and arguably the most dominant matriline in Gombe history.  They are, of course, a group of related individuals, but an important narrative … Continue reading Long Live the Queen

Risky Business

Sampson’s knees are tucked into his chest. Beneath muscular legs, nimble toes wrap around a branch no more than four inches in diameter. Several feet away, Ferdinand rests with a leg outstretched, drawing lazy circles through his bushy hair. The … Continue reading Risky Business