Women in Science… in a children’s book!

PDF:  Sammy Science Discovers Chimpanzees Sammy Science Discovers Chimpanzees is a multimedia composition for children ages 3 – 7 years old. The purpose of this picture book is to 1) engage readers with a factual introduction to chimpanzee behavior and ecology, 2) provide … Continue reading Women in Science… in a children’s book!

Monkeys redefine “human” technology

What makes humans unique? Recent findings from a population of wild bearded capuchin monkeys in Brazil tell us that it certainly isn’t tool use. At Serra da Capivara National Park, capuchins regularly select quartzite cobbles to deliberately break against firmly … Continue reading Monkeys redefine “human” technology

How to write a Research Statement!

What is a research statement? A research statement is a short summary of a person’s academic or research interests as well as their current work, and the perfect introduction when reaching out to potential advisors and/or graduate programs. At the undergraduate level, much … Continue reading How to write a Research Statement!